Robotic Dinosaur Come Alive at Hong Kong’s Harbour City and Times Square

Unleash the inner dinosaur fanatic in Hong Kong. First Initiative Foundation (FIF) joined hands with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in presenting a large-scale exhibition “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: The Big Eight – Dinosaur Revelation” from July 2022showcasing original specimens of the most iconic fossil skeletons.

What’s more, Wharf malls are also working with FIF to present “Flash Pop-up: Robotic Dinos”to display two 1:1 robotic dinosaur installations — the Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex) and Stegosaurus, respectively at the Group’s flagship retail properties Harbour City and Times Square. As Hong Kong’s first large-scale outdoor exhibitions after the fifth wave of COVID-19, the public are invited to take photos with the fascinating creatures for free, with the iconic Hong Kong backdrop — Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui and the bustling city in Causeway Bay, and participate in a series of dinosaurs-themed activities.

Wharf malls are working with FIF to present “Flash Pop-up: Robotic Dinos”. (PRNewsfoto/Harbour City Hong Kong)

Harbour City showcases the fearsome 4.6M high x 12M long T-rex at “Ocean Terminal Deck” from now on to 17 July, while Times Square showcases famous Thagomizer tall bearing Stegosaurus that is 3.7M high x 9M long at “Open Piazza” from now on to 10 July. These pre-historic animals are scientific accurate and custom built, which were reconstructed under the supervision of paleontologists and with the latest scientific knowledge about these animals. They do not only look alive – they breathe and roar just like real living animals.

Dinosaur Academy

Kids can enroll Dinosaur Academy in weekends upon donation. They can learn about the history and knowledge of dinosaurs in Cretaceous and Jurassic, get up close with paleontological fossils, use their creativity and imagination to draw their own dinosaur, and finally become “Little Dinosaur Experts”.

Other dinosaurs-themed activities

Kids love treasure hunt. Participants can receive a dinosaur folder and “Dinosaur Hunting Passport” upon donation to explore the dinosaur stamps scattered in Harbour City. They can also redeem a set of eight dinosaur flash cards and Dinosaur Hunter Certificate upon completion of tasks. During the exhibition period, participants can receive a Dinos Fiesta Hat and enjoy the fiesta and the shopping coupons at Times Square.

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